Magician with a Chain Saw (starheptagon) wrote,
Magician with a Chain Saw

Last Post!

I have been making slow but cumulative progress on my migration away from Livejournal, and although not all features are implemented, I have enough in place to be able to both write and read using independent infrastructure which is not dependent on this week's owners of Livejournal.

If you would like to continue to follow what I write and have me do the same for you, instructions for this follow. If you would like to be rid of me, now is an excellent opportunity, since all you have to do is take no action at all, and if you change your mind later, you can plausibly claim you were just lame or distracted and not annoyed with me.

To Allow Me to Read Your Protected Posts

To allow me to read your protected posts, you must add my external OpenID account to your friends list. To do this, do one or the other of the following:

Option A: Add "ext_72787" using the normal friends management interface.

Option B: Type into the "search livejournal for usernames" box, and then click the "add as friend" icon from the profile page.

To Read My Content

tb kindly added LJ syndication for the Atom feed on This is new and somewhat experimental. To view it, add the user terranblag to your friends page. The username is not my fault, but I did say I thought it was funny.

I have not implemented a mechanism for publishing restricted content at this time, so you will not see anything different if you are logged in.
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